Javascript Obfuscator

Javascript Obfuscator

A JS Obfuscator is a tool that protects JS data from theft because code is formatted in such a way that makes its readability and understandability harder for unknown users. It works like the normal code and doesn’t affect the code working.

Steps of JavaScript Obfuscator Online

Follow the procedure step by step to obfuscate your code quickly without any inconvenience;

  • Copy the code of JavaScript.
  • Open
  • The tool has a text box paste code there.
  • Press the provided "Obfuscator" button.
  • Text is obfuscated and shown in another box that is for text.
  • Copy the code and use it when needed.

JS Obfuscator

A tool that is used to convert a JS code that is simple and makes the code more difficult to understand and read. It is not easy to understand, re-use, and convert a javascript code without the permission of the author. Its main function is to maintain the functionality of our javascript code. It works with all operating systems.

Advantages of JS Obfuscator

The advantages of javascript obfuscator are as follows;

  • It protects our code from theft.
  • It secures our code 100%.
  • It has unlimited use.
  • The interface of the tool is user-friendly.
  • It minimizes the code.

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Disadvantages of JS Obfuscator

A javascript Obfuscator has the following disadvantages;

  • Java script code is harder to read.
  • Reading an obfuscator code is code in difficult and time taking but spending the time it’s possible.
  • It affects the speed of the code.
  • It affects the size of the code which may increase.
  • It increases the efficiency of the code by decreasing file size.

For your own easiness use the JS Obfuscator online and obfuscate code quickly.

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