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Image-to-text conversion is a technique to save the image from damage while sending it to another. An image takes time in loading. While development, to save image loading time we convert it into base 64 string and use it as image URI, src, and others. To easily and quickly convert an image into a base 64 string use Image to text converter.

Steps of Image to text Converter Online

Follow these steps to convert an image into text.

  • Upload an Image

You can upload an image in 3 ways

    • Drag and drop: select the picture and drag it to the converter and drop it.
    • Selecting: Click on choose image select an image and open it.
    • URL:  use the remote URL button and paste your image URL.
  • Converter and Result

Click on the “convert” button. It converts your image into text in seconds. Two new text boxes appear with the title; “Use in IMG elements” and “Use in CSS Background”. Both contain the text of the image.

  • Text Copy

Select the resulting data and copy it so that you can use it where you need it.

Image to text Generator

Image to text converter is a tool that inputs an image and converts it into text. So that we can easily send it or share it with others. In developments, images are used in the content and these images are disturbed when transferred from one system to other. To avoid this issue image-to-text conversion is the best choice. Convert the image and use its CSS Background or URI in the code. This tool helps you to convert an image into text easily and quickly.

Input Formats

Input format includes such formats that the user can image have. these are different file formats like jpg etc. some of the basic supported formats are JPG, PNG, GIF, ICO, etc.

Output Formats

This outputted text is used as;

  • Used as an image element

The generated text is used in an image tag. The generated result is already in such a format. That looks like this;


  • Use a CSS background

This text is also used as a CSS background and the generated result is already in that format. And that format looks like this;


Use in CSS function





You can also check JPG to PNG

Task of Base 64 converter:

A base converter performs the following tasks;

  • Helps in converting an image into text easily.
  • It works online.
  • It is a free tool.
  • It supports all image formats.
  • It works with all operating systems like Mac, Windows, etc.
  • It generates code for images as the data source.
  • It generates the CSS background code of the image.
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