Find Facebook ID

Find Facebook ID

Facebook is commonly used by everyone these days. Finding an ID on Facebook is a boring and time taking task. No one wants to do any boring work, but if you need your Facebook ID, then what will you do? Do you ever think about it? No need to worry, this online Facebook Finder helps you in searching your FB ID in seconds.

Steps to Find Facebook ID

To find your Facebook account ID, follow these process;

  • Open your Facebook account on chrome.
  • Copy the URL of your FB account.
  • Open the
  • Paste the URL of your account in the text box.
  • There is a “Find Now” button next to the URL box. Click on it.
  • It searches for your account and in some seconds displays your profile picture and ID.
  • Save or note your ID for later use.

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Facebook ID Finder

This is the world of the internet and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many others connect everyone to each other. Facebook is also one of them. Facebook's users have a Facebook account and every user has a different and unique ID through which the user registers on Facebook. This unique ID consists of numeral data. To find out that ID is difficult to find manually, but now it’s become easy due to the online Facebook ID finder.

Method to find the Facebook ID URL

To find the URL of your Facebook ID, follow these steps;

  • Open Chrome.
  • Search for
  • Facebook opens. Now Sign in to your account.
  • Your profile is displayed on the right side of the screen. Click on it.
  • It opens your profile. Copy your URL address from the search bar.
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