URL Encode

URL Encode

An encoder helps you to secure your file from theft and help us in arranging our data in less space easily and quickly. Using the online encoder is the best choice because it saves your downloading time as well as conversion time.

The procedure of URL Encoder Online use

Encoding a URL by the encoder is an easy task. Follow the steps for encoding the URL code.

  • Copy your URL.
  • Open https://mytoolsdoctor.com/url-encode.
  • Paste your URL in the text box that you copied.
  • Press the given “Encode” button.
  • A new text box opens with the encoded URL.
  • Copy the encoded URL and use it.

URL Encoding process

The encoding of the URL depends on these two steps;

  • By the UTF-8 encoding, the string of characters is converted into bytes.
  • HH is hexadecimal for the byte that is used for byte conversion that is not a letter or digits ASCII.

URL Encoder

Encoding is a technique that is used for the conversions of some characters of the string. It converts some strings by replacing them with two hexadecimal digits and a symbol of percentage “%”. The percent sign is used as a character of escape. The encoding is not limited to the URLs only. Uniform resource locator URI and Uniform Resource Name URN are also encoded by it.

In the encoding process, the unsafe, reserved and non-ASCII characters of URL are encoded which is understood by all browsers of the universe.

URL Encoding Characters

A URL is made up of a combination of these characters and these characters are encoded as;

  • ASCII Characters

These characters are only used for the control of output so these are not printable. The range of these characters is 00 to 1F and 7F.

  • Non-ASCII Characters

These characters are the excluded 128 characters of ASCII. These characters contain the Latin ISO that ranges from 80 to FF hex.

  • Reserved Characters

The reserved words are such words that don’t need to encode because they are already encoded. The URL contains such words these are the symbols. The symbols include the dollar sign, plus, back slash, forward slash, and many others similar to these. You can also check this tool JavaScript Minifier

  • Unsafe Characters

The unsafe characters are the characters that include spaces, quotation marks, symbols of less than, a symbol of greater than, small brackets, curly brackets, large brackets, pipes, and many others like these.

The URL encoding by three characters; a sign of percentage, two digits of hexadecimal, and ASCII Characters.

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