URL Decode

URL Decode

An online decoder helps us in decoding an encoding URL. Yan can easily quickly and effortlessly convert your encoding message by a URL converter.

Steps for URL Decode Online

Step 1: Copy your encoded URL.

Step 2: Open https://mytoolsdoctor.com/url-decode.

Step 3: Paste your copied content in the text box.

Step 4: Press the Decode button.

Step 5: Your URL is decoded. Copy it and use it.

URL decoding

The reverse process of encoding is decoding. A decoding process helps us in converting an encoding URL into a human-readable and understandable form.

Rules of URL Decoder

 A URL decoder helps us in decoding. So we must have some knowledge of rules;

  • The alphabetical characters for Upper case or lower case remain the same.
  • The number from 0 to 9 all remains the same.
  • A %xy form of a sequence is taken as a byte.
  • A xy form of a sequence is taken as an 8-bit hexadecimal number.
  • Some substrings are replaced with the character “s” and those substrings are mentioned above in sequences.
  • All characters remain the same and save the character like -, ­_, and ~.

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Following are some benefits of URL decoder;

  • A free online tool that helps the user easily.
  • A fast way of generating URL code.
  • A tool that works with all operating systems.
  • It doesn’t affect our decoding URL.
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