Javascript DeObfuscator

Javascript DeObfuscator

To protect the javascript code of the web from misuse, we obfuscate our code. In the obfuscation process, the source code is hidden. Code is converted into an unreadable form. To gain the original javascript code we de-obfuscate our code by Javascript DeObfuscation Tool.

Steps to use Javascript DeObfuscator Online- Deco

We have a java Obfuscator code and now we have to De-Obfuscate it by following these steps;

Javascript DeObfuscator Online- Decoder

  • Paste it in the “paste your code here” text box and press the de-obfuscate button.

Javascript DeObfuscator Online- Decoder

  • A text box appears that contains your de-obfuscated text.

Javascript DeObfuscator Online- Decoder

Configurations of De-Obfuscation

The following things are configured while de-obfuscation;

  • Array

Unpack Array and Remove Unpack Array

  • Expression

Simplify Function and Remove Dead Branches

  • Proxy Function

Replace Proxy Function and Remove Proxy Function

  • Miscellaneous

Beautify, Simplify Properties, and Rename Hex Identifiers

Features of JS De-Obfuscation

Following are some features of de-obfuscation;

  • All the arrays that contain an array or string are unpacked and replaced with references.
  • All arithmetic expressions are simplified.
  • The string concatenation is simplified.
  • It beautifies the code.
  • A binary expression called Arithmetic Proxy Function is removed.
  • It removes the simple proxy functions.
  • It removes the array proxy functions.
  • Unreadable Hexa- decimal identifiers that are renamed.
  • It evaluates the experimental functions.

Benefits of JavaScript Obfuscation

Following are some benefits of JavaScript Obfuscation;

  • Its hides the business logic.
  • It protects the app/web from an attacker’s attack.
  • It reduces the size of the file.
  • It reduces the downloaded time as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)                    

Q: What is Obfuscation?

A: Obfuscation is the way of protecting the web code so that no one else uses your code. After obfuscation, the structure of the code is changed, all spaces are removed, the structure of the function is changed, it adds some extra lines and the code is not readable, nor understandable. But the meaning of the code is still the same.

Q: What is JS DeObfuscator?

A: It covers the JavaScript obfuscation online process in its original form. Basically, it decodes the Obfuscated code. It translates the unreadable code into a readable and understandable form. It helps in understanding the logic of any targeted site. De-obfuscator is also known as a decoder.

Q: How does JavaScript Decoder Work?

A: Javascript Decoder translates the JavaScript obfuscated code. It removes all the security layers. Its main purpose is to convert the code to the simplest form in which it is originally written. It removes such security layers that make it unreadable and not understandable.

Q: What is the purpose of Obfuscation?

A: Some purposes of Obfuscation are as follows;

  • Its hides the business logic.
  • It protects the app/web from an attacker’s attack.
  • It reduces the size of the file.
  • It reduces the downloaded time as well.

Q: Why is JavaScript Obfuscated?

A: JavaScript Obfuscated mainly protects your code from any attack. It hides the things that are targeted such as variables, objects, strings, etc.

Q: How do I De-Obfuscating a Java Script Code?

A: To De-Obfuscating a Java Script Code follow these steps;

Q: How do I protect my JavaScript code?

A: You can protect your JavaScript code by Obfuscation because this is the best way for code protection. Due to its strong protecting feature and code is not readable nor understandable.

Q: Can hackers change JavaScript obfuscate code?

A: A hacker attack the page and change the data. Different sessions of code are hijacked by the hacker and they make certain changes in the page of JavaScript code. But if the code is obfuscated then it’s difficult.

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