JavaScript Beautifier

JavaScript Beautifier

JavaScript Beautifier's purpose is clear from the title. It simplifies its purpose that, it makes the code beautiful and easy to understand by removing the extra spaces and other extra stuff. You can beautify your code easily and quickly by using it.

Steps for JavaScript Beautifier / Formatter Online

Follow these steps to beautify your JavaScript Code;

JavaScript Beautifier / Formatter Online

  • Paste your text in the “Paste your code here” text box.

JavaScript Beautifier / Formatter Online

  • Click the “Beautify” button.

JavaScript Beautifier / Formatter Online

  • A new text box appears with the beautified code.

JavaScript Beautifier / Formatter Online

JavaScript Code Formatter

This is a free online tool. It helps us to beautify your JavaScript code. Copy and paste your un-indented code and get a code that is 100% modified, formatted, and beautified.

The benefit of using js beautifier

The code beautifier helps the developers to understand, read and debug the code easily. It wraps the lines and removes the extra lines. In this way, formatter makes the code beautiful.

Features of JavaScript Code Beautifier

The following are the features of JavaScript Beautify; 

  • Easy to use:

It has a user-friendly interface that’s why this tool is easy to use. Users can easily interact and beautify your JavaScript code easily.

  • Free:

This tool is 100% free. No charges and no need for any registration. You can use it for an unlimited time.

  • Time-Saving:

It saves time. You just enter the text and click on Beautify button. It beautifies code in seconds.

  • Compatibility:

It works with all operating systems such as windows, Linux, and MAC. You can use it easily at any time anywhere on any device.

  • Security:

It gives you 100% security. Your code is secure and not copied by us.

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  • Obfuscator:

Code beautification obfuscates the code by reducing code and changing the variable name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is JavaScript Beautifier?

A: It is a free tool that easily beautifies our code. We have to copy and paste our rough code into beautifier and the tool quickly converts the code. It beautifies our code by removing extra lines and spaces etc. Makes the code easy to understand and read.

Q: How do I Beautify a JavaScript Code?

A: To beautifies the code, copy your code and paste it on Then press the beautifier. It formats your code in seconds and displays the beautified code in another text box.

Q: How do we use JavaScript Formatter?

A: Follow these steps to beautify your JavaScript Code;

  • Copy Your JavaScript Code.
  • Open A screen like this appears.
  • Paste your text in the “Paste your code here” text box.
  • Click the “Beautify” button.
  • A new text box appears with the beautified code.

Q: What is the best JavaScript Formatter?

A: Formatter beautifies your code by removing extra spaces and lines. It is useful for developers to clearly understand and read code. So the best JavaScript Formatter is, it beautifies code in seconds.

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