Weight Converter

Weight Converter

Technically weight refers to the mass of an object. For measuring the mass of an object various units are used. Sometimes we are required to convert one mass unit into another mass unit. Use the online weight calculator for converting mass.

Method of Using Weight Calculator

To easily and fastly convert the mass of an object follow these steps;

Step 1: Enter the value in the text box.

Step 2: Select the current unit of weight.

Step 3: Press the Calculate button.

In seconds Your value is calculated in some other units. Use your desired weight unit.


Weight is the mass of an object. For measuring the weight of an object various instruments are used and measured in various units like kg, grams, pounds, etc. In our everyday routine, we measure the weights of several objects like measuring flour and spices for cooking, the weight of our body for Fitness, etc.

Types of Weight Units

Weight measuring is categorized into two types;

International System

The international system of units is commonly used. The weight measuring standards that are used internationally all over the world is known as the international system. This system includes the following units;

  • Mass
  • Kilometre ``` etc.

Imperial System

It is a measurement of weight Unit. It is used by the commonwealth area. Like this system is used. An imperial calculator is a tool that is used to measure the weight of an object. It is used by the international system and the United system. This system included the following Units;

  • Pounds
  • Miles etc.

Input and Output Units of Mass

The weight converter inputs one unit and solves it for all other units. Our calculator inputs and outputs the following units;

  • Pound
  • Gram
  • Kilogram
  • Ounce
  • Carrot
  • Milligram
  • Metric Ton

Uses of Weight Converter

Weight converters are used for many purposes. Some uses are as follows;

  • Cooking

On daily basis, we cook many items. Some of them can’t be cooked without proper measurements like cake. If we are going to bake a cake and add flour or sugar or any other item without measuring, then our cake is not Fluffy. To bake a tasty cake, sometimes we are required to convert units such as convert grams into pounds and kilograms. Also, visit this tool Volume Converter

  • Body Weight

Everyone dream of a happy and healthy life. To fulfill that dream, we have to take care of our weight and fitness. Index of many fitness tools as for body weights in various other units like kg, pounds, etc.  

  • Dosage Measurement

When our health is down, we required some medicines that are used according to the Dosage measurements. The quantity of specific ingredients is measured in grams and milligrams depending on the syrup and tablets. The dosage may not give us the expected results if the dosage is over or less.


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