Frequency Converter

Frequency Converter

A Frequency Converter calculator helps us in converting the hertz of the frequency from one unit to another.

The procedure of Frequency Converter Online

For the conversion of frequency hertz follow these steps;

Step 1: Input the frequency value whom you want to convert.

Step 2: Select the current unit of frequency.

Step 3: Press the Convert button.

Step 4: Your frequency is converted into all available units. Save it for use.

Step 5: Press the Reset button to clear the result and input values.

Frequency Converter

Frequency is basically the occurrence of an event occurring in a certain period of time. In physics, frequency is the number of cycles that pass in a unit of time.

The formula of Frequency is;

f = 1/ T

where f is the frequency and T is the Time Period.

Supported Units of frequency

The frequency unit converter input only one unit of frequency and convert it into all other frequency units. The supported frequency units are;

  • Millihertz
  • Hertz
  • Kilohertz
  • Megahertz
  • Gigahertz
  • Terahertz
  • Rotation per mint
  • Degree per second
  • Radian per second

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Frequency Unit Conversion

Some of the conversions of frequency units are as follow;

  • 1 hertz is equal to 1000 millihertz
  • 1 kilohertz is equal to 1000 hertz
  • 1 megahertz is equal to 1000 kilohertz
  • 1 gigahertz is equal to 1000 megahertz
  • 1 terahertz is equal to 1000 gigahertz
  • 100 hertz are equal to 600 rotations per minute.
  •  100 hertz are equal to 100 revolutions per second
  • 100 hertz are equal to 628.57 Radian per second


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