Pressure Converter

Pressure Converter

A pressure converter is used for the transition of the unit from one type to another. A pressure converter calculator is a free tool that proves helpful in this aspect.

The Method of Pressure Converter Calculator Online

For converting the pressing unit from one form to another form. The following processes are helpful;

Step 1: Place the value in the “Value” text box.

Step 2: Select the present unit of the pressure.

Step 3: Click the "calculate" button for unit changing.

Step 4: Save the results. It converts the values in all available units.

Step 5: If you don’t understand then press the Sample button. It automatically fills the values. Press the calculate button for the result.

Step 6: Press the reset button. It clears the input and output.

Pressure Conversion Calculator

A pressure estimator is an online tool that is used for converting a unit of pressure to other pressure units. It inputs a single unit of pressure and in the output, it converts the unit into all available units. The amount of force that is applied to an object is the pressure. Pa is the SI unit of pressure. The formula of pressure is;

P = F/A

Pressure Unit Converter

The transition of units from one to other is the main function of a pressure estimator. The converter calculator inputs one unit and converts it into all other available units. The available units are;

  • Pascal is described by Pa
  • Kilopascal is described by a
  • Mega Pascal is represented by MPa
  • Hector Pascal is represented by hPa
  • The bar is represented by a bar
  • Torr is represented by torr
  • Pound per square inch is represented by psi
  • Kilopond per square inch is represented by kpi

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Pressure Unit Conversion

Some of the conversions of units are;

  • 1 kilopascal is equal to 1000 Pascal
  • 1 bar is equal to 100000 Pascal
  • 1 torr is equal to 133.32236 Pascal

This online pressure conversion calculator helps to convert pressure units easily with 100% accuracy. The tool is free and available online. It works with all operating systems.

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