PayPal Fee Calculator

PayPal Fee Calculator


A calculator that calculates the fee on money transaction that takes place through a PayPal account. For money transactions, we pay some extra transaction fee that is paid separately or deducted from our transacted money. To pay the transaction fee separately without deducting from transferring money, calculated it and know how much you have to pay against your transaction amount. For this, use it.

Steps of Online PayPal Fee Calculator

To calculate the transaction fee against your amount, follow these steps;

  • Open the PayPal Fee
  • Put the user amount in the text box that is below the heading “Enter an Amount”.
  • Below the “Fee Rate” heading, choose your transaction
  • Now click on the “Calculate”
  • It calculates the amount and displays the following three results;
  • Total Fees
  • The amount you received without a PayPal transaction fee.
  • The fee you have to pay with a transaction amount of PayPal.


A company who is owned by eBay which is an American company. It is a different money transaction method other than money orders and checks. An e-commerce method for money transferring and a percentage is charged by the seller.

PayPal Fee Calculator

For PayPal transactions, we always depend on others that they calculate our PayPal fee o that we can pay t. But now the online PayPal calculator solves this problem, you have to just put the amount and calculate the PayPal fee. The calculator calculates it for some seconds and shows the total fee amount you received without PayPal transaction fees. Fees you have to pay with transaction amount of PayPal.

Advantages of PayPal Calculator

A PayPal Calculator has some of these advantages;

  • The calculator helps the user to calculate transaction fees.
  • You can get the total fees of the transaction.
  • How much do you have to pay for getting the full amount?
  • How much the amount is received on the other side?

Transaction Types

PayPal transactions have the following types.

  1. Domestic

A fee is charged by the seller when the payment is received within the same country.

  1. International

Now day countries are interconnected and benefit us that we do our business in other countries also. This long-distance business traction has more transaction fees. A fee is charged when the payment is received from other countries.

  1. Mobile Card Reader

A fee is charged when the payments are transferred through the mobile card reader. It has three designs; Chip and Swipe Reader, Chip and Tap Reader, and Chip and Tap Bundle.

  1. Virtual Assistance

The virtual assistant is generally a self-employed who works from home for the clients and the fee that is charged on such payment transactions is known as the virtual assist PayPal Fee.

  1. Currency Conversion

Fee For the exchange of money, you have to pay some extra fee because the currency increase and decrease on regular basis. Conversion fees also vary accordingly.

PayPal Fee Calculation Features

The following are some features of PayPal;

  • User-Friendly Interface

The interface of the PayPal fee finder is easy to use. The calculator is simple, and the user can easily understand it. So the interface is user-friendly.

  • Accuracy in calculation

The calculations that are calculated by this online calculator are 100% accurate and there is no chance of any mistake.

  • Business save Money

A PayPal calculator helps businessmen in calculating the PayPal fee. The businessman easily calculates it and adds that price to the actual price. So that they save the money that they have to pay themselves.

  • Supported Platforms

It works with all the systems and all the operating systems that include Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, etc.

  • Accessibility

This tool is easily accessible on any device at any place without any problem. You can easily use it when needed.

Need for PayPal Calculator in Business

The PayPal calculator is used n business for many reasons, some of them are as follows;

  • Error-free Calculations

To Manually Calculate the PayPal fee is tough, and maybe some errors occur that disturb the whole system. So this online calculator helps us in calculating error-free results. You can also check this tool Discount Calculator

  • Automated Calculations

It can automatically calculate the PayPal fee, you have to just put in the amount and the payment. This is an online tool and no need for any installation.

  • Save Efforts and Time

This online tool helps us to save calculation time and effort as well.

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