Average Calculator

Average Calculator

To manually Calculate the average of a few simple numbers is easy but to calculate the average of complex numbers is tough and takes a lot of time. An online calculator solves this problem easily and calculates the average in seconds.

Method for finding average by Average Calculator Online

To get fantastic results from the average calculator follow these steps;

Average Calculator Online

  • Enter more text boxes by clicking on the “+” button, if your values are more than two.

Average Calculator Online

  • Enter the values in the text box.
  • Press the “Calculate” button.

Average Calculator Online

  • It calculates and displays averages like this.

Average Calculator Online

The manual method of Average Calculation

The manual calculation depends on two steps;

Step 1: Sum all the numbers.

Step 2: The sum of numbers is divided by the number of digits.


Q: Find the average of 5,7,3,2,8.

A: Sum of numbers = 5+7+3+2+8 = 25

No of digits = 5

Average = sum of numbers / no of digits

 = 25/5

= 5

The output of Average Calculator:

The average calculator calculates the following results;

  1. Average Calculator

The following types of averages are calculated;

  • Average value

The average value is calculated as the sum of all numbers divided by the digits.

  • Arithmetic Mean Calculator

It is similar to the arithmetic means and calculated similarly to the arithmetic mean.

  • Geometric Mean Calculator

It is calculated as the multiplication of all numbers and takes the nth root. Where n is the no of digits.

  • Harmonic Mean Calculator

The harmonic mean is calculated by the no of digits divided by the sum of the reciprocal of all numbers.

  1. Basic Calculation

Some basic calculations are performed, that is;

  • Sum

It is the addition of all numbers.

  • Count

The number of digits.

  • Median Calculator

The Median is calculated similarly to the average.

  • Geometric Mean Calculator

Multiplication of all numbers and their nth root. Where n is the no of digits.

  • Largest

It is the greatest number.

  • Smallest

It is the lowest number.

  • Range

It is calculated by subtracting the lowest value from the highest value.

Uses of average calculation

The calculator is helpful and used by;

  • Mathematic Students

Observations and surveys clear that many students don’t like math. A few students have a great interest in mathematics. Average is the basic topic of mathematics that every student study and calculate average. Finding the average of complex numbers are bit difficult as compared to simple numbers. It’s difficult for the student to confirm whether their solution is accurate or not. This online average is helpful in this aspect.

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  • Mathematic Teachers

Teachers teach many students and take many lectures in a day. They have a busy schedule. In this busy schedule, it’s difficult for the teacher to check a lot of assignments and quizzes. So this tool is helpful for those teachers who have to check the average calculation assignments and quizzes. The teacher gets the accurate result by just putting the numbers and then checking the student's assignments and quizzes easily.


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