Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator


A loan calculator helps you to calculate the loan amount easily without any lengthy and detailed calculations.

Steps for Loan Calculator Online

Follow the steps to calculate the loan;

Loan Calculator Online

  • Input the loan amount, the month's duration in which pay, and the interest rate.
  • Click the calculate button.

Loan Calculator Online

  • It calculates the loan and displays results in seconds.

Loan Calculator Online

Elements of loan Calculator

The loan calculator takes the following three elements;

  • Loan Amount

The amount that you borrow from someone or a bank is known as a loan.

  • Loan Term on Month

The loaned amount is returned in small chunks that need to pay after a month.

  • Interest Rate per Year

Interest rate is the percentage of the amount that we must have to pay with the actual amount in a year.

Benefits of a Loan Calculation

A loan calculator is very useful and it helps us to calculate;

  • Monthly Payments

The monthly payment is the amount that we have to pay every month. It calculates the monthly payment according to the interest rate and loan amount.

  • Total Interest

It is the whole interest that we pay in a year. It is the combination of all interest that is monthly paid. This calculator calculates it easily.

  • Total Coast of Loan

The total amount includes the total interest of a year and the actual amount that we borrow.

Types of Loan

Loan calculators have the following two types;

Secured Loan

As the name clarifies that the loan is secured by the person who gives the loan. The bank or the person who gives a loan to another must take some assets of the loan borrower as the security of the loan. When they pay the loan their assets are returned. You can also visit this tool GST Calculator

Unsecured Loan

As the name clarifies that no security is taken in exchange for loan money. The loan is only based on credit. The lenders just verify the person who comes to borrow a loan that the person is financially strong or not. Either he/she can pay the loan or not.


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