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WEBP is a new image format that is introduced by google. Some of the google files have WEBP format. This format has a good quality image and compression function. While downloading an image from google we see that some mages are in WEBP format. To convert a WEBP format into a JPG format use the best WEBP to JPG converter.

Image conversion steps of WebP to JPG Converter Online

Follow these steps to convert a JPG format image into another format.

  1. Upload an image

Upload an image on WEBP by using a method from the given methods;

    • Upload the image by selecting

Clicking on choose button. It opens your files and selects an image in WEBP format.

    • Upload image by drag and drop

Select a WEBP format image. Drag it and drop it in the WEBP converter of mytoolsdoctor.com.

    • Upload an image by URL

For uploading an image by URL click on the “Use Remote URL” button. Then copy the WEBP format image URL and paste it there.

  1. Webp to jpg Conversion

To convert a WEBP format image into JPG format after uploading the image click on the convert button. Your image is converted into JPG in seconds. Also, visit this tool Image Resizer

  1. Preview and Download

It opens a new pop-up window for the preview of the image. It shows you the converted image and a download button. For downloading the image click on the download button.


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