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Image cropping is also a feature of image editing. By cropping, you can cut the unwanted area and just crop the area that you want. Cropping also enhances your image.

The procedure of Image Cropper Online Free

Follow these steps to crop an image;

  1. Upload an Image

You can upload an image by 3 methods;

  • Upload the image by clicking on choosing a button. Choose an image and click on open.
  • Upload an image by drag and drop method.
  • Upload image by URL. Click on “Remote URL”, paste the URL, and press add.
  1. Crop Image

Crop your image by aspect ratio or freeform. Choose any and click on crop image.

  1. Preview and Download the Image

A new pop-up window appears with a preview of the image and a download button. Click on the download button to download the image.

Image Cropper

It is a tool that helps photo lovers to crop an image, and remove the unwanted area of the image. Upload an image and choose the cropping option. It crops your image easily in seconds. It crops the image in any format that includes JPG, JPEG, BMP, SVG, WEBP, ICO, etc. Also, check out this amazing tool JPG Converter

Image Cropper without Losing Quality

Image cropper allows us the following image cropper option so that we can not lose the quality of our image;

  • Image Cropper by Aspect Ratio

It is a tool that gives you some choices of aspect ratio, choose one of them that is available. Some of the available aspect ratios are;

    • 16:9
    • 4:3
    • 1:1
    • 2:3
  • Image Cropper by Free Form Dragging

Its name specifies that it is a free-form dragging, so you can drag according to your choice. Crop the exact part that you want.

Reasons for Using Image Cropper

We have some reasons why we use Image Cropper;

  • Focus on specific areas and crop unwanted areas

The most important reason to crop an image is to remove unwanted backgrounds that may include unwanted people or that our background is tidy. So, we need a tool that focuses on a specific part of the picture and removes unwanted areas.

  • Cropping for impact

Cropping of the image has a great impact on the image. It beautifies our image and image look more attractive. For example, if we crop an image of a rectangular shape that may be horizontal or vertical and we crop it in the square. A square image is more formal and stable.

  • Cropping for context or story

We save memories in the form of images. Images define a story. Cropping changes the image story. So sometimes, we use it to change the image story that may be useful in articles and books, etc. Be careful, while editing an image that the story of the image is not disturbing.


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