IP Address Lookup

IP Address Lookup

An IP stands for internet protocol and this address is assigned to every connected device on the internet. An online tool that is used to see your location region city logo and many other similar things. Use the online tool and find the location and direction of that user.

Procedure to use IP Address Lookup Location Map Free

Follow the steps to find the position of the device by IP address;

  • Copy the IP Address whose location you want to find.
  • Open https://mytoolsdoctor.com/ip-address-lookup-free
  • Paste the IP address in the “Enter IP Address here…” text box that you copied.
  • Press the “Look up” button.
  • It will show you your IP location and other directions similar to these.

Structure of IP Geolocation

The four octets of an IP address are split by dots. These octets are furthermore categorized into 2 parts that are;

Network ID

This recognizes the exact location of the devices where it is operated. The starting three parts of the address are called Network ids. For example; 192.167. 1.42 is the IP address and 192.167.1 is the network ID, but the last part cannot leave empty and never zero.

Hosting ID

This part of the ID address identifies the device. The last part of the address is called Hosting ID. For example; 192.167. 1.42 is the IP address and 32 is the hosting ID that specifies the connecting device.

IP Address

An IP Address is the location of a device that is linked to the net. A unique number is allocated to any device that is connected to the internet. That address identifies the physical address of the user. The user's home, street, city, area, region, and other factors. An IP address is a 32-bit number, and we split it into 4 chunks that are called octets, and these are split by dots that are known as dotted decimal notation.

Elements of IP Address Finder 

An IP address asks you about your IP address and according to that find out your location and following some elements;

  • Location by map.
  • Location by country and city.
  • IP Address
  • Region
  • City
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Time Zone
  • Zip Code
  • ISP (internet service provider)

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Purposes of IP Address Locator

An IP address has the following purposes;

  • Used for the identification of hardware systems such as routers, computers, and many others.
  • Addresses are used to link different devices on the internet.
  • It is best for sending the data to the right location.

Use our best IP Address Look Up that provides you with the location on the map and direction mapping according to the map like Longitude, region Latitude, etc.

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