Decimal to Binary

Decimal to Binary

A decimal Number has a base of 10 and a Binary number has a base of 2. So we have to convert base 10 into base 2. This is a time taking and long work. Its calculation is time taking and maybe some errors occur that disturb the conversion. Then our all time is wasted.

To get a correct and accurate result quickly then Online decimal-to-binary converter is the best choice. Use it and make your life easy.

Steps of Online Decimal to Binary Converter with Steps

Follow these steps to convert a decimal number into a binary number;

  • Copy your Decimal Number.
  • Open
  • Paste our Decimal Number in the “Pate Your Content here…” text box.
  • Click the “Convert” button.
  • A new text box appears with the binary text.

Elements of Decimal to binary Conversion

  • Text Box

It has two text boxes. One is for pasting the decimal numbers and the other box is displayed after the conversion with the binary numbers.

You can also visit this tool Text to ASCII

  • Buttons

It has three buttons;

    • Sample: On pressing the sample button it automatically fills the text box with a decimal number. Then click on convert to see the conversion result.
    • Convert: Convert button is used for conversion.
    • Reset: To convert more than one number after the conversion of every number use it to clear previous data.


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